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6 Best Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chairs For Your Kids

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If you’re a parent with young kids, you’ll probably appreciate what an awesome idea a stuffed animal storage bean bag is. I love ours, as does my daughter. Not only are they stylish and fun, but they’re also a great way to keep your child’s bedroom or playroom tidy. Simply store the stuffed animals inside the bean bag, and when it’s time to play, your child can just grab the bag and start pulling out their favorite toys. If you’re sick of seeing stuffed animals strewn everywhere, then you’ll find this is one of the best inventions ever!

It makes tidy-up time more fun too! Gathering up all the stuffed animals, cute plushies & teddy bears and getting them back into the bean bag to create a fun place to sit is definitely more fun than putting them in a toy chest! Plus, investing in a bean bag cover for stuffed animals is SO much cheaper than a normal bead or foam-filled bean bag!

Here are six stuffed animal storage bean bag options that your child is sure to love. Any of these would make a great gift!

Top 6 Best Stuffed Animal Bean Bags

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Stuffie Seat Stuff 'n Sit Storage Bag

  • Holds more than 100 toys

  • Machine washable

  • Lifetime warranty

Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage

  • Large or extra large available

  • Holds up to 90 plush toys

  • Machine washable

Wekapo Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Cover

  • 38" extra large

  • Holds up to 200 soft toys

  • Lots of colors & designs 

Animal Bean Bag Cover

  • Range of different animals available

  • Luxury velvet feel

  • 12 month warranty

2 Sizes In 1 Large Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Ottoman

  • 2 sizes in 1 expandable up to 50% bigger

  • 100% cotton canvas

  • Different designs available

Jorbest Stuffed Animal Storage

  • 200 L size - fits kids or adults

  • Premium canvas material

  • Different designs available

1. Stuffie Seat Sit ‘N Stuff Storage Bag by Huddle Supply Co

Stuffie Seat by Huddle Supply Co

This is our stuffed animal bean bag storage of choice and we love it! It’s soft but made from 100% durable cotton canvas (that won’t rip). One of my favorite things about this bean bag (and the main reason we chose it) is that it’s big enough for an adult and child to share! We sit on it sometimes for our bedtime reading.

Zippers and stitching are reinforced and this product comes with a lifetime guarantee! Kids can sleep, eat or play on this, and as a parent you can be confident it’ll last!

Size is 50 x 50 x 35 and it holds A LOT of stuffed animals – 200 L of toys approximately. We don’t have enough to fill it so we also stuff it with spare pillows to make it extra cosy. You could put anything soft in there though – duvets, blankets, towels etc. It has a handle, which makes it easy to take from room to room, and best of all, it’s machine washable!

The Stuffie Seat comes in a variety of different designs to suit the style of your kids room. It also comes in cute packaging that would make this bean bag cover an awesome gift for the kiddo in your life.

Get the awesome Stuffie Seat on Amazon

2. Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Creative QT – Available in different colors & designs

If you’re looking for storage furniture for your kids this is a great storage solution/comfy seat all in one. It comes in 2 sizes. Large is 33 x 33 x 33 (best for a toddler or younger kid). Extra large is 38 x 38 x 38. This is probably the best option as your kid’s toy collection grows over the years.

It is double stitched, with double sided zippers for safety and durability, is made from 100% upholstery grade cotton and is machine washable. A lot of parents assume a stuffed animal storage bag won’t be that comfortable to sit on, with all those lumpy toys in there. That’s not the case – they’re actually super soft and comfy!

Founded by parents of 5, Creative QT is the original developer of the bean bag stuffed toy organizer and they’ve refined their product to be one of the best on the market. With 12 different beautiful colors and fun designs you’ll definitely find one that your kid will love. One last thing to mention – it has a lifetime workmanship guarantee!

Check out the Creative QT on Amazon

3. Wekapo Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Cover

Wekapo (Purple Dot)

The Wekapo seem to be ALOT like the Creative QT (the extra large one). The dimensions are the same (38 x 38 inches) and it’s made from the same kind of material. However, we decided to include this because it’s got some different designs that you might like. It’s also got similar 5 star reviews, so is clearly of similar high quality.

There’s not an awful lot more to say about it to be honest. It has the same reinforced seams and safety zippers. I do love some of the colors & designs though – particularly the Heart one and the Purple Dot one.

They offer a 90 day return/exchange policy and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Check out the Wekapo on Amazon

4. Yoweenton Animal Stuffed Animal Storage Bag (Small, but cute!)

Unicorn Bean Bag Cover

Younger kids especially will love these animal-style storage covers. Made from super soft velvet with a strong durable zipper, they are slightly smaller than some of the others mentioned above at 24 x 24 x 19.

They will still hold plenty of soft toys though, and these have the added benefit of coming in gorgeous animal designs. Unicorns of different colors, dog, dinosaur, flamingo, mermaid, rainbow girl and more are some of the designs available. And with thousands of positive ratings, they are well worth checking out!

One thing I did notice from the reviews was that a few people suggested the handle isn’t really strong enough for dragging the bean bag around once it’s filled. It could probably do with being reinforced. They suggested rolling the bean bag instead to move it around.

Other than that, these come highly recommended by most customers as they are soft, comfy and the designs are just adorable!

Check out these gorgeous animal storage bean bags on Amazon

5. 2 in 1 Large Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Ottoman (Biggest option)

2 in 1 Ottoman style stuffed animal bean bag

This Smart Wallaby large ottoman is the biggest of all the bean bag stuffed animal solutions we’ve discussed. It’s actually 2 size in 1, because it can expand from an extra large 200L to a giant 300L of storage space, in under 30 seconds! So if you know you need a large bean bag, but you’re not sure HOW large, this might be the one for you.

As this is huge, it’s fantastic storage for other things as well as toys – sleeping bags, pillows, bedding, towels, seasonal clothing etc.

How does it work? All you have to do is open the heavy duty zipper halfway to create a comfy backrest, or all the way to expand it for up to 50% extra storage.

Although suitable for all ages, this is perfect for an older child or pre teen who wants to store their stuffed animals and other soft stuffables! Also it’s round rather than ball-shaped which makes for a better, more comfortable seat.

Like the others, this is double stitched for durability, machine washable and would make a great gift for an older child. It comes in lots of different colors and designs.

Check out the Smart Wallaby expandable storage cover on Amazon

6. Jorbest Stuffed Animal Storage Bag


This bean bag cover is quite similar to our first pick in shape and size (same length but slightly narrower). At 200 L capacity it can hold approximately 195 small plushies, or 110 medium stuffed animals. It’s a great way to keep your kids bedroom or playroom tidy, while creating a comfy seat for them to read or play games on. It is even big enough for an adult to sit on!

With double stitching, a long durable zipper, and convenient carry handle, this has mostly the same features as the other bean bag covers. The fabric isn’t quite as strong as the others listed though so I’m not sure it would be as long lasting. A few customers said that they couldn’t get it looking exactly like the picture, no matter how well they stuffed it. It is very big though and will take A LOT of stuffed animals (or extra bedding) to stuff it properly.

It is machine washable and comes in a huge 15+ different colors and designs so check out the Amazon listing to see what they have available.

Check out Jorbest’s colorful designs on Amazon

Here’s how they work:

You can find the exact bean bag from the video here on Amazon

What to look for when buying a stuffed animal bean bag chair


You want to make sure the stuffed animal storage bean bag is large enough to fit all of your child’s plush toys. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be too big either. Otherwise, it won’t be filled enough to make a comfortable bean bag to sit on. The good news is you can fill one of these bean bags with just about any soft item that would make good seating – spare pillows (that’s what we use), extra clothes, blankets or throws etc.


Most stuffed animal storage bean bags are made from polyester or some other kind of durable fabric. You want to make sure it’s machine-washable in case of any accidents. Also, any color dyes used on the fabric should be non-toxic.


This is really up to you and your child’s preferences. Some stuffed animal storage bean bags are patterned or have fun designs on them!


We like to have a handle on our bean bags as it makes them easier to lift and move around. A kid’s bean bag chair will be moved around A LOT as your little one takes out the stuffed animals and then refills it. Plus they’ll always want to try sitting somewhere different so you’ll probably find it dragged around all over the house!


Little fingers can easily get caught and pinched in zippers so it’s important to find one that’s safety tested. It should also be strong enough to withstand regular zipping and unzipping.


The main issue with durability for bean bags is usually the stitching. Look for one with reinforced stitching, because cheap, poorly stitched bean bag storage will eventually have their stitches loosen and give way. Most good-quality bean bags will be double stitched to withstand regular use.

picking up stuffed animals
Tidy up those stuffed animals!

Stuffed animal bean bag FAQ

Will soft toys get flattened if your kids are sitting on them every day?
I haven’t noticed this happen. All my daughters toys are as good as new. I think if stuffed animals were getting smashed and ruined these covers wouldn’t get the 5 star reviews that they do!

Are there recommended weight limits for toy storage bean bags?
There are no weight limits listed. The bigger ones like the Stuffie Seat (the top pick) are suitable for adults as well as kids though.

What is the age recommendation?
There is none! Fill your bag with stuffed animals no matter how old you are. Or just fill it with pillows, bedding, towels etc.

Can I fill these covers with bean bag filler to make a regular bean bag chair?
You can, but it is advisable to purchase a similar-sized liner to hold the filling inside the cover. This is so that you can take the cover off for washing, keeping the filling safely inside the liner. You could fill them with either polystyrene beads or soft foam pieces (both available for purchase on Amazon).

Are these stuffed animal bean bags waterproof?
They are made from a type of durable cotton canvas which is water resistant. Any spills should be wiped up and dried as soon as possible.

How many soft toys will these bean bag covers hold?
It depends on the size of the stuffed toy. Most will hold at least 90 small stuffed animals. Most people find that these covers hold a lot more toys than they anticipated.

Are the covers washable?
Yes, all the covers listed above are machine washable.

Where to buy stuffed animal bean bag storage

Our favorite bean bag!

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a stuffed animal storage bean bag, it’s time to start shopping! My favorite place to buy stuffed animal storage bean bags is Amazon. They stock a wide range of different colors and designs so you’ll definitely find one to suit your little one’s tastes.

We chose this one, because of the great shape for sitting and relaxing on (it’s so much more comfortable than the round ones). Plus it’s also big enough for a teen or adult to sit on it. It was a little bit too big to fill with just my daughter’s soft toys so we’ve stuffed some spare pillows in there too!

if you prefer the round ones, then there are some great fun designs from unicorns to dinosaurs and lots more. There are also some really cool animal-shaped bean bags available.

For more places to buy, try Etsy or Walmart. Etsy is great if you’re looking for something that’s a bit different as they have lots of handmade ones in designs that might not be widely available elsewhere.


If your child has lots of soft toys but you’ve never tried a stuffed animal bean bag chair then these are well worth checking out. You won’t know what you did without one! Hands down, these are the best stuffed animal “hiders” ever! My daughter used to keep all her stuffed animals on her bed and barely had any room for herself. Now they all go in the bean bag cover at the end of the day and she keeps a few favorites for bedtime. We then sit on the bean bag chair to read our bedtime story!

There are lots of stuffed animal storage bean bag options available to suit every child’s taste. When purchasing one, make sure to take into account the size, material, color, handle and durability. Once you’ve found the perfect stuffed animal storage bean bag for your child, they’ll be able to keep their stuffed animals tidy while also having a comfy place to sit. These bean bag covers also make an affordable but fun gift!

What’s your favorite stuffed animal storage bean bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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